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"Today I received my first order from your store.  What a delight to open the package and find everything so nicely wrapped up in tissue paper and the surprise Thomas stickers included!  I had ordered the items for my grandsons and will have fun tucking everything back in the box and look forward to the pleasure of watching them opening it when I bring it to their home. 

Your website is well laid out and provides a great range of items.  I also appreciate your affordable pricing.  

My nineteen year old son had so much fun going through your website with me to find items for his nephews he asked me to purchase a few extras to put aside for "his children someday.....".

Thanks for your excellent service.


- Cheryl J., Ontario



"Hi Totally Thomas Town,

 Just a few things about my order: 

  1. Thank you for taking a photo of my order before it went out (what a great idea!)
  2. Thank you for sending our package at light speed.
  3. Thank you for packing our items so carefully and in such beautiful coloured tissue paper.
  4. Thank you for the discount coupon (we will use it).
  5. Thank you for the cool Toby sticker.
  6. Thank you for the stamp (we feel like No.1 now!).
  7. Thank you for making my son so happy (like Christmas in September happy).
  8. Thank you for caring so much about your customers.

 Buying from you has been a delight. I wish you every success in the future - you deserve it.

All the best from Edmonton."

 - A.A., AB



"Hi Diana,Thank you so much for your business. I loved how I got extra in order like stamps, stickers, my reciept, and buisness cards. I loved how everything was wrapped and fast delivery. I loved how it came to me with cool extra details. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much."

- Geoffrey, AZ 



"We visited your store for the first time today. Our son is a huge fan of Thomas and was in awe once he go into the store. We were very impressed with the selection and the pricing! We will be returning again :) the young man at the counter was exceptionally helpful and super friendly. Thank you for such a positive experience :) "

- Tara C., BC



"My son has been to your store several times and he loves it so much. He talks about it all the time. He loves to look at your website just to see the photos of the store and all the engines that are available and he loves to remember playing at your store.

This morning he asked to go to Totally Thomas Town again (we live in Mission) and then he said maybe we should go to "Totally Diesel 10 Town"! Ha! Is that a good idea or what? Franchise? Ha!

Just wanted to let you know how much your store is loved by my son.


- Bonnie K.



"The team at Totally Thomas Town are absolutely amazing. So accommodating and their little shop is just so darling! 

We were in search of a rental company for our two year old daughter's second birthday and we were in need of carnival themed equipment. Their website is so organized by theme that it made my experience just so much more simplified. We actually stopped into the shop to take a look at some things and speak to Diana, the owner, who was great at suggesting how to go about a carnival themed birthday, what equipment would be ideal and how to power it with a generator.

They even have carnival themed games and decorations for rent and all very very affordable pricing! We ended up opting for quite a lot of equipment such as a large bouncy castle, popcorn machine, Sno cone machine (included with three favours) cotton candy machine (also included with three colours and flavours and cotton candy cones), hot dog machine, tent rentals, carnival games and some signage and decoration rentals and Diana swung us a package deal AND was so amazing at getting back to me so promptly about all my questions in this planning process. It was my first time planning a party to this size and with all the equipment. Diana and her team made it seamless. I highly recommend them to anyone planning an event large or small.

Located conveniently in Burnaby as well so great proximity to almost all areas in the lower mainland. The shop is completely loaded with Thomas themed goods which is just sublime for all those Thomas lovers out there! Definitely a place worth checking out if you're in the neighbourhood or head online to check the website for all their party rental options or for some online shopping! One of the best selections for bouncy castles, even some with water slide and water blaster options! Perfect for summer outdoor parties for the kids. I was surprised at how completely affordable the rentals are and the wide selection range. A review worth every five stars if not more!"

 - Elle S.,  Burnaby



"I have to say, great dealing with you. Quick and easy pick up and drop off. The way it should be.


Steven, BC



"I'm  really happy for to have choose  your business.  the castle  working  perfectly. I will recommend  other person. Thank you for your honesty,  punctuality thank and reliability with customers."

 - Andrea M., BC



"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very well aware that you have gone well above what you had to do and I really appreciate that. To be honest I was expecting some sort of renumeration and the fact that you simply gave us the damage deposit back speaks volumes about your character so thank you!!! I’ll definitely recommend your services with other groups that i work with and hope that I can pay it forward.

Thanks again for your time and hard-work and best of luck moving forward,"

 - Gurinder, BC



"Thank you for the personal email, I came to buy stuff for my nephew and was very impressed with how much you had there.  I've shown it to my sister as well and you'll definitely be seeing us and our business again."

 - Marcus C., BC



"Thank you very much. You have excellent customer service. From helping me right away and very fast even late at night to being the best cost effective company and the nicest. All the way to this. I am very impressed."

 - Tara K., BC



"To whom this may concern,

Hi, My name is Margo and I have placed orders with your company a couple of times. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the staff members that put together my last order. The bubble wrapping and tissue paper was carefully done and thank you for the free Helicopter tunnel because It really put a smile on my face. I cant wait to see my son open everything on Christmas morning. God bless everyone at Totally Thomas Town and take care!"

 - Margo D., Ontario



"Just wanted to say thank you! The whole rental process was very easy, friendly staff, top notch equipment, and everything was so clean. 

The two girls working for you that day were very kind, helpful and very personal! Very impressive to have these young ladies represent your organization! I will be referring your firm to our other property managers!

We will definitely be using your services again!!"

 - Steve T,. BC



"Thank you so much for everything!! It was so great working with you all! We are very very happy with your business and your team!  

And how lovely!  We will absolutely be looking to you for our next events and recommending you to others!! 

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far!

Kindest Regards"

 - Gabrielle V,. BC



"Really enjoyed visiting today with the kids.

What an amazing store you have.

Thanks for all the help."

- Tim, BC



"We literally frequent this store once a week (although the online shopping option when baby #2 is born, might prove better for Mom).

My son is in love with Thomas the Train and Chuggington Trains, so this is an ideal location. The staff and owner are amazing and extremely personable. We can't say enough good things!"

- Amanda D., BC



"A paradise for my kid! He would buy all the store if he could!"

Sorin L., BC



"Went for the 1st time today and loved it. Fantastic service & our son enjoyed all different thomas toys. Thanks:) "

Robert G., BC



"Thank you ever so much for the products you offer, and for the incredible customer service and delivery time! Already have the items!! Absolutely wonderful!

Again, my thanks. I am so glad I discovered your site!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!"

- Kerri T.,  ON



"I just received my order and I just wanted to say thank you so much. The trains look amazing and the packaging was great! Good job! You have provided some of the best customer services I have received it a very long time! My son is going to be over the moon on Christmas morning!  

Thanks again!"

 - Stephanie C., NB


"Hi Diana,

I want to thank you again for having us at your store. Your employee went above and beyond duty helping my grandson on Wednesday March 28th. She was patient, kind and knowledgeable. You really made the day something Lucas will never forget."

 - Paula

Lucas wrote the following letter to you:

"Dear Totally Thomas Town,
I was in your store today, and I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for opening it especially for me.
I also told Izzy's Toy Time about your store a while ago. I hope they also purchased something from you."

 - Lucas D.



"Received! Thanks, everything's great. Thanks for the stickers & Thomas mini too. The Thomas colour-themed tissue is great too, a real day-brightener. I have old school retail training and we learned that when the customer has a bad experience, they tell everybody, but positive feedback not so much- so please know those little extras really do make a big difference. We love TTT!

 All Best,"

 - S.B., BC



"I’m thrilled to have access to take and play trains which are no longer in stores. You see, my grandson, 10 yrs old, has autism. He replays all his favourite Thomas shows and movies, creating his own videos, complete with voices. It’s great for him and very endearing to us. Thomas Take and Play has been his constant go to. As you know, they teach emotions, and dealing with life in a way that he loves and can better understand. So, you see, to have these trains to add to his collection is going be a great time for all of us, thanks to you, Sarah"

 - Sarah, NS 



"Hello Totally Thomas Town. I’d like to thank you so much for making it so easy to continue this ongoing hobby of mine. My collection has expanded greatly since I started purchasing from you. If you ever need a review or anything like that please contact me as I have so many more positive thing to say about your services. Have a great day and thank you"

 - Cameron A., ON



"Hi. I just received my order and this is exactly what I wanted. I would like to thank-you for your excellent customer service and respect and care you take with your customers. Your team was a pleasure to deal with, thoughtful about the process, and even with the postal strike went above and beyond.  I cannot recommend you enough. This site and all involved make for a very pleasant customer experience. 


 - Dave T.



"I received my order today and just wanted to say thank you so much. This is the second time I've ordered from your website and every time, the care with wrapping, the speed with shipping, and just the quality of the items are always great! My son especially loved the stamp and the stickers you included as well. We are already having so much fun with our new additions to our Thomas sets!"
 - Ginny